Videos – Compositions/Improvisations

Guitar/Electronics Compositions

Solo Lockdown Video Concert, filmed by Melanie Coughlin (5 Feb 2021):

An improvised interpretation of Marilyn Browning’s graphic score “Would You Open This Door?”, premiered by Vancouver New Music, Mar 2021:

S(h)immer at the 21st Century Guitar Festival at University of Ottawa (Aug 22, 2019):

Youtube playlist of guitar/laptop performances from Ottawa and Edmonton in Spring 2018:

Performance of “Locks and Ripples” from the 2016 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (Video by Stefan A. Rose):

Acoustic Compositions

Processional, acoustic version (premiered June 27, 2021; filmed June 23, 2021):

Needing Space for 10-string classical guitar, performed by Julian Bertino in his Master’s Recital at University of Ottawa (Apr 27, 2018):

Remote Connection, for solo cello – performed by Mark Molnar:

Hub New Music playing Songs of Friction at Clark University on Feb 4, 2018:

Electric Guitar/Electronics Contributions in Ensembles

2013 performance with University of Regina Concert Choir:

2009 performance with Noiseborder Ensemble in Windsor, ON, at the opening of Media City; an improvisation on A-Ha – “Take on Me”: