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New Recording: Electric Currents II

I just completed a recording of Electric Currents II, my electric guitar + pedals arrangement of Shawn Bell’s beguilingly intricate 1995 composition Currents II, taught to me over 15 years ago by William Beauvais. I started playing an electric version in 2005. Excited to finally complete a recording I’m satisfied. It’s up on Soundcloud for a limited time as it will be included on the album I plan to release this year.

Obscure Sounds of the Dead Internet Indeed

This was a surprise: a (cassette?) recording of a harsh noise gig I played with a friend as a teenager in 1998 seems to have been uploaded to Youtube, unknown to me or the friend. I couldn’t remember if I ever had a recording. I actually remember feeling unsure and harried about the set itself but it was startling to hear it again. An interesting time capsule from when I played material that’s pretty different from most of what you’ll find on this site. If you’re feeling bold and indulgent: