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Obscure Sounds of the Dead Internet Indeed

This was a surprise: a (cassette?) recording of a harsh noise gig I played with a friend as a teenager in 1998 seems to have been uploaded to Youtube, unknown to me or the friend. I couldn’t remember if I ever had a recording. I actually remember feeling unsure and harried about the set itself but it was startling to hear it again. An interesting time capsule from when I played material that’s pretty different from most of what you’ll find on this site. If you’re feeling bold and indulgent:

Details and Programme for Ben Verdery Chamberfest Concert

The details and programme are now available for the Ben Verdery concert at Chamberfest where I will be playing in the guitar orchestra for “Scenes from Ellis Island”. It will take place at 2:45 on Saturday, July 27, at the National Gallery and will be free to attend. The St. Lawrence String Quartet will also perform:

Scenes from Ellis Island: Benjamin Verdery and Company

Will Perform at 21st Century Guitar Conference in August

Just received noticed that I’ve been accepted to perform my piece S(h)immer at the 21st Century Guitar conference/festival, which will take place in Ottawa from Aug 22-25 and looks to be a fascinating event. I will also be playing as part of a teleconferenced improvisation with William Beauvais and will give a lecture on my compositional work for guitar on the 25th. Here’s a video of a pretty loose first performance of S(h)immer from last spring. It should be a lot tighter this summer!