Merci, La Villa Strangiato!

Merci de diffuser « Processional » le jeudi passé, La Villa Strangiato, wonderful bilingual (predominantly francophone) progressive rock/modern jazz CHUO programme, animé par Gregory Kampf. C’était vraiment sympa que ses commentaires à propos d’Electric Currents étaient si positifs! Thanks again! :

21st Century Guitar Conference Starts Tomorrow

The virtual 21st Century Guitar conference will start tomorrow Mar 22. I’ll be part of the composers’ roundtable at 1 pm Eastern time, along with Tim Brady, Daniela Fantechi, Stephen Goss, Felipe Ribeiro, and Rita Torres. I also played in Blake deGraw’s Polympanic Entropy, which will be part of the 6pm EDT concert. My solo performance of “Breeze” will be premiered on the 26th.

Full schedule and links for streaming:

21st Century Guitar Performances

Looks like I will have a new live video performance of “Breeze” included in this year’s virtual 21st Century Guitar Festival on Mar 26, at 17:00 UTC (I think that’s 12 noon Eastern time but not sure after the time changes). I will also participate in the composers’ roundtable on Mar 22.

In addition, I played a part for one of the large ensemble pieces on the first day.