Recent Reviews

I just recently found some reviews from February of this year. Surprisingly, Owen Maxwell of Ottawa Life Magazine positively reviewed the 1996 tape by my teenage screamo/lo-fi/noise-rock band the Skies Beg to Differ as a new release.

Kevin Jagernauth’s summary: Well, it took 22 years, but the first thing I ever recorded and released into the world ā€” The Skies Beg To Differ debut album ā€” has finally been reviewed, somehow, as a new release (thanks Bandcamp algorithms I guess?).

As you might guess by the name, we were very Earnest and had Feelings and quite an unruly amalgam of influences.

The first out of town show I ever played was with these dudes, in Pembroke. My Dad drove us. Jeff Miller (who was the lead vocalist, not me, as it suggests in this review) wonderfully recounts the jaunt in his book “Ghost Pine.”

Mostly, I’m pretty pleased to read something I’ve played on described with the words “guttural blues-scream.”

Also, Jonathan Blumhofer of Arts Fuse reviewed the Hub New Music concert from Clark. He was not entirely convinced by my piece Songs of Friction but I appreciate that he listened closely and critically.

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