Review in Ottawa Life

Thanks to Owen Maxwell of Ottawa Life Magazine for such a positive review!:

IIn an instrumental journey, Sundar Subramanian knows how to keep you focused and along for the ride. “Daydream” never loses momentum, instead it finds an intriguing change of pace by breaking into the exact tones we think of while resting on a sunny day on the grass. And the way you’re drifted through these is a truly warm and inviting experience. The deeper notes on “Processional” give the album a great low-end, that plays more to a break-like quality, but in its last minute it really finds a sense of direction too. The cold and blown out feelings on “December” shift into an electronic haze, with Subramanian’s styling definitely going into their own experimentation but still maintaining an emotional footing. The sense of quiet on “Breeze” however, is one of the most tense listens on the entire record, as the call and response of the guitar and feedback play gloriously against each other.

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